This was my 3rd year participating in Clickin’ Moms annual ClickinWalk – Calgary, an activity in which local photographers are encouraged to spend time together visiting, exploring their city and, of course, taking photographs!

ClickinWalk is an opportunity for photographers who know one another in the virtual world to come together in the physical world and bond with others who share their passion for photography. Connecting with other like-minded people never disappoints.

It’s always so fun to watch other photographers do their thing. I always pick up a few new tricks, gain some new perspectives and make some new connections. It’s amazing how everyone can be taking photos of the same thing but no two images end up looking alike.

When I first got into photography, I could get lost in the details of a flower for hours. I used to say that I took photos of flowers and mountains because they don’t move…whereas a person is a bit more of a moving target.

But over the past few years as my focus has changed to families, I’ve kind of forgotten about flowers and mountains. So it was nice to slow down a bit and get lost in the details again.






The years go by fast, don’t they? If you’re like me, you’ve taken a million iPhone pics of your kids…capturing all those cute and silly things they do.

But how many photos do you have of YOU with your kids?  Or how many pictures do you have of you with YOUR mom? I get it.

As a mom, we are often the one taking the photos…but rarely are we in them. Here’s a great opportunity to change that.

In honour of Mother’s Day, I’m pleased to be offering discounted Mom & Me mini sessions for the month of May.  And because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to motherhood, I’ve designed this year’s sessions to be Your Session, Your Way.


Choose your style.

Choose your date.

Choose your time.

Choose your location.

Choose your price.



Choose your style – Choose between (mini) Day in the Life or Family Connections. Day in the Life is a photo session designed to highlight the simplicities that exist in your day-to-day life. The session has more of a documentary feel and a natural flow as opposed to posed portrait shots. Day in the Life sessions typically work best when done in-home. To see examples from a recent shoot, check out this session. Family Connections photo sessions are designed to highlight the authentic love and connection that exists in your family. It includes some posed shots and also the “in between” moments. Family Connections sessions typically work best when doing an activity outdoors (such as exploring a park, etc.). Have a look at this session for some photo ideas.

Choose your date – the Mom & Me special is only on for the month of May. Available dates include: May 13, 19, 21, 27 or 28. Dates are first come, first serve.

Choose your time – For outdoor sessions, photos can be done in the morning or the evening. For indoor sessions, photos can be done in the morning or the afternoon. Please select your time when filling out the intake form.

Choose your location – Photos sessions can take place outside or in the comfort of your home. If you have a location in mind (like a special park/spot that means something to you) then that’s great. Otherwise, I can make some suggestions. Photos must take place in Calgary.

Choose your price – Choose between the following 3 packages. $500 – includes 15 digital images (downloaded) – come in both black & white and colour, $650 – includes 25 digital images (downloaded) – come in both black & white and colour PLUS 3 accordion minis (see below for examples), $750 – includes ALL the images (30+) from your session (downloaded) – come in both black & white and colour PLUS 3 accordion minis. Prints, canvases and albums are also available for purchase and will be 25% for the Mom & Me special. Please note: A $250 deposit is due at the time of booking and will be put towards the package of your choosing. Packages can be chosen after the session takes place.


Photos by Danna Bowes




To take advantage of the Mom & Me special this May, simply fill out the intake form by clicking on this link. I will then connect with you to confirm your booking. I look forward to capturing some great memories for all you moms…or you and your moms!

This cute little toddler is soon to be a big-sister. No doubt, this will be a very busy household as there are also two fur children. And most certainly, it will be a ton of fun!

I always have so much fun when I do in-home lifestyle or day-in-the-life type photos. The session only took about an hour, but I feel like we covered a lot of activities in that short amount of time!

Toddlers are always so quick to move from one thing the the next. And I just love how they can show a range of emotions in such a short time span. From giggles, to serious, to sweet in a matter of seconds. Such a joy to hang out with.

Kate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in familychildren and newborn photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.  Contact me to learn more about my style of  photography or to book your next session.

Simple, real, natural – your life, my lens.

He’s a miracle baby.

We hear it often…that babies are a miracle. So often, sometimes, that it just rolls off your tongue without a second thought.

But I’ve been thinking about the miracle of babies, lately. The fact that they really are just that…miracles.

There are so many stars, if you will, that need to align. And they don’t always align for everyone.

I can tell you that this little boy is certainly a miracle…just listen to his story, told by his mother:

“After a long and exhausting seven year battle with infertility, we were surprised to learn about this darling, Matahn, who would be joining us in November 2016. He is the embodiment of years of struggle, and tears of sorrow and joy. He is our gift and miracle. We feel blessed beyond words to have the privilege to help guide and instruct this precious little soul through the world. He has made our house a home.”


Kate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in newborn, children and family photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.  Contact me to learn more about my style of newborn photography or to book your next session.

Simple, real, natural – your life, my lens.

Can I just say that walking into this family’s home made me feel calm, at peace and self-assured?

So it kind of blows my mind to hear that things can sometimes be chaotic.

But that’s how it is, isn’t it? One part sugar, one part spice. The spice of life.

I love photographing it all…cause that’s what it’s all about. Family connections. And here’s what it’s like in her words:

“Adjusting to life with two children has been an amazing but chaotic process! It feels like life is so much faster now that we are a family of four. The photos that Kate took of our family captures our life so beautifully and naturally. They mean the world to us because they are a snap shot into this precious time that we want to honour and hold on to but time and the busyness of life often prevent us from being still in. Now that our son is 8 months old we feel like we have found our rhythm as a family. We are so grateful to Kate for capturing this precious time and creating a space for stillness, reflection and joy in this busy but beautiful time in our lives.”


Kate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in familychildren and newborn photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.  Contact me to learn more about my style of  photography or to book your next session.

Simple, real, natural – your life, my lens.