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Finding content to post on social media

Visual artists seem to have a leg up to other small business owners, when it comes to creating content and/or images to post on social media.

With the rate and frequency that we “should” post on Instagram and Facebook these days, a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with finding enough images to post. Posting the “perfect” image (day after day) can be a real struggle!

But if you draw or paint, look at all that content at your fingertips. All you have to do is take a photo of your gorgeous image/painting – et voila! (easy, not easy – I know!)

Yes, you still have to actually paint all those paintings…but colour and creativity are sure to be scroll-stopping on Instagram.

However, there’s been a shift in the landscape of the online world. Showcasing your art is still important, of course, but there’s a new thirst from people wanting to know more.

People want to get to know the “you” behind your paintbrush. Sharing your Brand Storytelling Photos allows them to do just that.

What are Brand Storytelling Photos?

Brand storytelling photos help tell the visual story of you and your business life.

They go beyond the art and capture the whole story of your life – or a portion of it, anyways.

Some may think of it as “behind-the-scenes” photos.

What does it look like in the studio where you create? Where do you create your art?

What does your family like look like? Is there a portion of that story that you’d like to share with your clients?

For this session, Visual Artist (and friend), Shantael Sleight, wanted to capture some photos in her studio space and beside her artwork. She also wanted to include her kids in the photos, as they enjoy sharing in the studio fun as well.

It was important for her that the photos give off a feeling of calmness and relaxation, and a connection to her artwork.

She also wanted people to have a sense of who she was and the work that she does.

“It was really important to me that the images looked natural and not posed. There were moments of discomfort when the camera was clicking away, but I think Kate chose the photos that kept to a natural and relaxed look.”- Shantael

Brand photos allow you to connect with your audience

We communicate who we are and our values through stories (in this case, visual stories).

By creating photos that showcase the stories of our lives, our ideal clients get to know, like and trust us at a much deeper level.

Shantael admits that she was sceptical at first, of the need for these types of photos, as an artist.

But after doing the photo shoot, believes that having personal images is critical in allowing clients to connect with her.

I increasingly believe that having personal images is critical in allowing clients to connect with the artist. Just having these photos increases my confidence in sharing my brand in a real way.”

– Shantael Sleight

Shantael also feels more at-ease sharing photos of herself now that she has these. “They are professional, sharp and clear, well-considered and are not flaky.” – Shantael

Thanks for welcoming me into your world, Shantael, and allowing me to capture a piece of your story!


About Shantael

Shantael Sleight (b. 1975, Edmonton, AB) is a contemporary Canadian painter based in Victoria, BC. Since completing her honours BFA in 2002 from the Alberta University of the Arts (PKA Alberta College of Art & Design) she has maintained a studio practice and has exhibited publicly and privately throughout Canada. Shantael’s artwork focuses on the human experience instantiated in nature, as a way to explore themes of ephemerality, impermanence, abundance and nuance.

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