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Is there a siblings day?

Let’s pretend it’s today. Cause these siblings are just too cute.


Brand photos for children and youth

So here’s the fun thing about all those years I spent creating Preschool & Modern School photos…

It’s allowed me to develop skills (such as drawing out natural & real expressions) that come in handy when I’m shooting brand photos for kids.

Cause it definitely doesn’t come naturally, folks! I mean the “natural” smiles…

It’s actually a lot of work to bust through the fake “say cheese” grins that we’ve conditioned kids to create. No fault of theirs, of course!

Yep, brand photos aren’t just for adults.

There are so many amazing & creative entrepreneurs out there that create products and services for children. Are you one of them?

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Simple Studio Sessions for Kids

Does it feel like you simply blinked yet years have gone by?!

It’s true, our kids are growing up before our eyes. Freeze this moment in time with simple studio session. Click HERE to join the waitlist.


Black & White or Colour? I can never decide.

Actually, I tend to lean towards colour, myself, but there’s something so classic about a B&W image.

That’s why I always like to include complimentary black & white images with all of my studio sessions. Then you don’t have to decide.


Kate Daniel is Calgary’s go-to Brand Photographer for creative & ambitious women entrepreneurs. Serving Central Alberta & beyond!

Together, we’ll create authentic & scroll-stopping brand photos so you can save time, grow your business & get back to living the life you love!

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Wanna know a secret? I never set out to be an entrepreneur.


In fact, I didn't even consider that, one day, I would run my own business. I just knew that I had a gift and wanted to use it to help others.


Who knew that I'd actually end up helping other like-minded creative women with their business and branding photos?!


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