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Modern headshots for professionals

When you’re redeveloping your website, updated headshots are a must. They go a long way to modernizing the look and feel of your spiffy new site.

I met the People Solutions crew of Viridian in their office building. They have a great spot in downtown Calgary that is full of light and life.

I had actually done some photos for the rest of their team there, last year, and they wanted the same brick wall that we had used then.

Check out their photos in action on the website that was designed by Tiller Digital. Don’t they look awesome?! (Be sure to check out their entire website as well – it’s gorgeous.)

When there is a team of professionals, it’s important that each person’s headshot looks the same. A cohesive and well thought out look and feel is a must.

There is nothing worse than seeing a bunch of headshots with different backgrounds, shot in different locations, or perhaps using phones (yikes!).

Selfies have their time and place but, for professional sites, you definitely don’t want to be submitting images to your website designer where you’ve cropped your head out of a family photo. Am I right?!

What to wear for headshots

These three women look amazing, don’t you agree?

They are naturally beautiful, of course, but here’s a few pointers that I shared with them (and all clients) in order to prepare for their headshots:


  • choose solid colours – sometimes patterns/stripes can be a bit busy
  • choose jewel-toned colours – they typically look great on everyone


  • don’t wear anything too baggy – for headshots, fitted tops tend to be more flattering because we are cropped in a bit and don’t get the full body picture
  • don’t choose colours that are fluorescent – these colours play tricks with the camera’s sensor
  • don’t choose tops with logos on them – as it’s distracting when viewing

Wouldn’t you agree that they did an amazing job deciding what to wear for their photos?!


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