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Birthdays come and birthdays go.

If you’re like me, some years you feel like celebrating in style – a fabulous night out or a trip somewhere warm – while other years you’re content to just sit at home with a good book.

But there’s something about the landmark ages that make most of us take a pause, get a little more introspective, and ponder life a little.

My dear friend, Kim, turned 40 this year. 40 is a big one – right?! So why not celebrate in style with a super cute green dress and some golden 4-0 balloons? (Having them float perfectly aligned is another story – lol!)

As for the introspective, life pondering part…well, I will let Kim speak for herself:

“I’m not usually the kind of person that wants to draw attention to myself. I am happy to be the quiet, curious type.

But this feels like a milestone I want to celebrate.

I thought I’d feel and look old at 40…but I feel like I still have lots of life in me.

There is much to be lived yet; lots of dreams to see come true.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be. Though, if I was where I was “supposed” to be, I think I’d be dull. I’ve always been one to veer slightly off track from the norm.

I try to remind myself that there is still time. There is so much to come…though patience has never been a virtue of mine. But I am thankful for all that has brought me here.

So these photos are for me – to celebrate my life so far – cause I saw a green dress and just couldn’t say no!

Not everything has to be practical or have a reason. If you want a pretty dress and want to have beautiful pictures taken – do it! Don’t over think it.

I’ve learnt over the years that not everything in life makes sense – or needs to make sense. Just enjoy it! The unexpected is what adds excitement to life!

So 40, here I am! Here’s to more adventures – I am hopeful for what’s to come to come. Thanks to all those who have supported me and inspired me along the way. Your connection makes me feel loved.”


Kate Daniel is a Calgary, Alberta based natural light, lifestyle photographer focusing on portrait and family photos.

Simple, real, natural – your life, my lens.

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