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Yes, professional headshots can also be colourful!

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but when I think of “professional” headshots, I picture someone in a suit or formal dress, standing in front of a white, grey or black background.

You know, something classic & clean. Maybe a little bit boring?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for the “typical” headshots. I mean, who really wants to see a profile pic of their Dr or Lawyer on LinkedIn that’s in their beachwear or lounging clothes?

But professional photos can also be colourful and fun!

And if you’re a small business owner that serves creative, down-to-earth people in a casual environment, then there’s no need for you to dress in a formal gown. You know what I mean?

Your headshot should meet your clients where they are. It should represent you and your brand in an authentic & intentional way.

BUMP murals (in Calgary) make great backdrops for creative, professional headshots

Started in 2017 as the Beltline Urban Murals Project, the community-led, artist-focused BUMP Festival has exploded to become a city-wide street art movement reimagining public spaces through the visual arts and expanding the capacity of the local arts community.

Every year, a diverse jury selects from among local, national and international artists for the BUMP Festival’s annual exhibition of new mural, Road Works and graffiti works in Calgary.

BUMP’s mission is to create accessible public art that uplifts communities across Calgary.

They believe that public art can enrich communities, create beautiful and captivating places, provoke conversation and add beauty to the everyday.

To date, the BUMP Festival has transformed Calgary with over 180+ public art installations  capturing the imagination of residents and visitors in a celebration of the arts and community.

Curious where all these amazing works of art are located? Look up the artists & locations on their map.

Mural painted by Michelle Hoogveld

The backdrop for Lisa’s professional (yet colourful!) headshots is a mural painted by Michelle Hoogveld. I just happened to be walking by when Michelle was hand-painting each of these tiny circles. A masterpiece by a master, for sure!

If you’re not familiar with Michelle, here’s some more information about her (from the BUMP website):

Michelle Hoogveld is a Canadian painter and mural artist, whose distinctive style is inspired by colour theory, connection, and matters of the heart. Michelle creates compositions of bold patterns and textile-like blockings of colour, with layers that weave and fold together as an intricate tapestry of who we are, celebratory of human identity and emotion.

Her colourful works are internationally recognized, beautifying and uplifting spaces in both the public and private realm. Creating around the world, Michelle has worked with a wide range of clients in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and England. Michelle holds a B.S. in Design from Lynn University as well as a BEd in Arts from University of British Columbia.

Thank you for doing what you do, Michelle, and for creating this accessible, public art in Calgary. Your art helps to brighten up those headshots!


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