Calgary Photographer | 5 Mobile Apps for the Photo-Loving Mom

Every mom can take great pictures of her kids with the click of a button.  Yes, you are a photographer.  The cameras on our phones these days are crazy!  And with a few simple apps, it’s easy to turn so-so photos into works of art.


When I first got an iPhone I was obsessed with photo apps…and probably downloaded WAY too many of them.  I quickly realized that I only really used a few of them regularly.  Today, these are my go-tos:

Instagram – I’d be lost without this one.  It used to be that I would take a photo, play around with it in another app, then bring it over to Instagram to share.  But over the years Instagram has really stepped up their game.  They’re building more editing tools directly into the app so that it’s becoming a one-stop shop.  But old habits don’t die hard, so I still play around with a few more of the following apps before I post.

Rhonna Designs – I love combining words with photos.  Sometimes it’s a quote, while other times it’s just a single word.  And Rhonna Designs is perfect for this.  I kind of think of it as digital scrapbooking on the go.  You can also add super cute icons & other scrapbooking elements to your pics.

ToonCamera – The fact that I’m drawn to this one actually surprises me a bit as I’m not much of a cartoon lover.  But you can create some really neat looking images using what you’d think were really boring photos.  I like how you can turn a photo into a drawing with no effort at all.

PhotoWizard – I’m all for the 5 second edit when it comes to phone pics.  Really, who has the time to fiddle with editing?  But for those of you that are killing time waiting at the dentist office or just chilling on vacation, PhotoWizard is a powerful editing tool to use.  They have just about everything you need to take a photo from good to great – from red eye reduction to filters and effects, it’s pretty much Photoshop in your pocket.  It takes a bit of time to learn all the different intricacies but, like I said, if you have a bit of time to play around with it then check it out.

PicTapGo – honestly, I don’t know if I ever would have discovered this one had it not been for RadLab by Totally Rad. RadLab is a program that I use with Photoshop when I’m editing client and personal pics – photos that I’ve taken with my “real” camera.  It’s such an amazing tool that I’m totally in love with, so when they introduced the mobile version I felt a loyalty to the company.  It’s your one stop shop for filters & colour enhancements.

If anyone has as go-to apps that you can’t live without I’d love to hear about them!

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