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The school year is coming to a close here in Calgary. Who’s feeling a bit nostalgic?

Or maybe you’re just overcome with a sense of relief…a much needed break from the virtual classroom?

Chances are this year didn’t end as you imagined it would. Nobody could have predicted the pandemic, that’s for sure.

Whatever the case. We are here. It’s time to celebrate. It’s time to mark this occasion!

So I’ve put together 5 photos to take at the end of the school year.

1. Same pose, Same place

  • Did you take a First Day of School pic?
  • Go back to that spot and take another
  • It’s fun to see the changes that kids go through over the year (clothing style, hair, growth spurts, etc.)
  • A couple of great places to do this are in front of your front door or in front of their school (which might be the same thing for you this year end!)

2. A sample of your child’s handwriting

  • This one might be more relevant for younger kids. (Chances are your teenager will give you the eye roll if you try this one on them!)
  • There’s often a huge difference from year to year in printing/writing skills – especially when they are in Grade 1, like our little!
  • If your child doesn’t want to write for the sake of writing, give them a prompt. Ask them to write about what they learned this year or how they feel about going into the next grade.
  • Photo tip: try to get their hands in the shot. This simple detail might seem insignificant today, but years from now you will look back and remember how tiny they once were.


3. A shot of their room

  • So many stories live inside one photo when it comes to a child’s bedroom
  • I could tell you about this housecoat that is worn nonstop as soon as our daughter gets in the house…
  • or the uniform from her first year in Sparks which was full of adventures!
  • or the dress, that we paid way too much money for…that was never worn! The dance recital was cancelled due to Covid-19 but the dress is not actually comfortable enough to wear anyway – go figure! But hey – it looks good, right?! (kidding)
  • or I could tell you about this blue paint that she painstakenly picked out…
  • Anyway, you get the point! Pick a section of their room and take the shot!
  • Note: Don’t believe everything you see online. A very large mess of toys is perfectly placed outside of this frame.


4. What makes this year unique?

  • My focus is on the school year, not the pandemic, but I’d be living under a rock if I didn’t address the elephant in the room!
  • One thing that made the school year unique is the fact that it ended with online learning (in Alberta anyway).
  • So, this year, perhaps take a picture of your child’s school setup at home. Was it at the kitchen table? A desk in their room? Or in the living room, like us here?
  • I decided to take 2 pics for this one…to show the dichotomy of the situation. On one hand, who wouldn’t want to do school work in their pjs from the comfort of their home? And on the other hand, there comes a point when online learning is….well…not a girls’ best friend?!


5. An end of school year tradition

  • Traditions are just plain fun! And nothing says summer like ice cream.
  • We have a favourite spot near us called Annie’s Cafe. It’s the perfect place to celebrate the last day of classes.
  • Coincidentally, check out my daughter’s “sweet summer” shirt with an ice cream cone on it. I swear I didn’t plan it! But maybe she did, lol!
  • So what are your end of school year traditions?
  • Enjoy! Have fun! and don’t forget to take a photo to mark the occasion!


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