Father’s Day gifts – 3 quick and easy photo crafts to try | Calgary Family Photographers

Father’s Day is coming up! Need a last minute crafty gift idea?

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift for Dad, no matter what age you are!

I’ve put together 3 quick and easy Do It Yourself photo crafts for you and/or your kid(s) to try.

Scroll through them to check them out!

I’d love to see your creations too – message me on my Instagram @katedanielphotography and show me your photo gifts!


Father’s Day Gift #1 – Painted Rock Photo Holder


  • photo

  • rock(s)

  • paint (acrylic will adhere to the rock)

  • paint brushes

  • floral wire (can be found at Michael’s)

  • needle nose pliers

  • Sharpie/marker

Make your own painted rock photo holder! Start by washing a rock, then decorate it with acrylic paint. Secure floral wire around the rock. Finish it with a triple loop at the top to hold the photo.

He are a couple quick tips for the wire! To make the perfect circles at the top (that the photo sits in), wrap the wire around a Sharpie a few times. After you’ve finished wrapping the rock, make a little twist at the bottom so that the wire is nice and secure around the rock. See images for examples.



Father’s Day Gift #2 – Painted Photo Frame


  • photo

  • wooden frame (available at Michael’s or dollar stores)

  • paint

  • paint brushes

  • knickknacks/buttons

  • tacky glue

Paint a wooden photo frame! There are plenty of ready-made options these days at most dollar stores. Use your creativity and personalize the frame by gluing any sort of knickknacks or buttons on it. Finish it off with a photo of your child.



Father’s Day Gift #3 – Personalized Bookmark


  • photo

  • packing tape

  • hole puncher

  • yarn

  • scissors

Create a personalized bookmark! Simply print a photo, cut around the image you want and punch a hole in the top. You can laminate the image or improvise by covering it with packing tape. Create a tassel using yarn. Not sure how? Check out these photos.


Have fun & Happy Father’s Day!

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