Six month baby boy photos | Calgary children photographer

I just love the curious stare of wee ones.  Parker didn’t disappoint for his six month baby photos!  He gawked at me with those big eyes of his…but not for long, the grass was more exciting!  I feel like he could have sat and played in the dirt for days.  Although it would have probably turned to mud at the rate he was drooling!

I was looking back at some pictures of my daughter the other day when she was around six months…and she was drooling just about the same.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re cutting teeth left, right and centre.

Oh the milestones of childhood…they are so monumental, aren’t they?!  That’s why I think photography is so important.  It brings us back to these moments of drool and sitting and standing on our own.  All those “firsts” that children have, never to return again.  Speaking of milestones, I’m working on a a “baby milestones” package…stay tuned!



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