Mom and child preschool photos | Calgary family photographers

You know what I love about preschool-aged kids? Their unpredictability!

Every child is so different (and fabulous) in front of camera. Some eat it up. Some shy away. And some just use it as another opportunity to show off their silliness.

Silly, sweet, loving… No matter what the look, you can tell that these kids sure do adore their moms! And I adore being able to capture these sweet moments between mother and child.

And of course words like this are what it’s all about:

“Thank you for so graciously giving your time to capture these photos of us. You captured more than just a mother and daughter. You gave us a keepsake, a memory to hold close. This is our last child going through preschool. It’s not going to be long until both my babies are in school all day and I don’t have a little one to snuggle at home anymore. Thank you for capturing our snuggle.”

mom-and-child-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photography_0110mom-and-child-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photography_0110mom-and-child-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photography_0109Kate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer focusing on family, children and newborn photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.

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