ClickinWalk 2017 | Calgary photographers

This was my 3rd year participating in Clickin’ Moms annual ClickinWalk – Calgary, an activity in which local photographers are encouraged to spend time together visiting, exploring their city and, of course, taking photographs!

ClickinWalk is an opportunity for photographers who know one another in the virtual world to come together in the physical world and bond with others who share their passion for photography. Connecting with other like-minded people never disappoints.

It’s always so fun to watch other photographers do their thing. I always pick up a few new tricks, gain some new perspectives and make some new connections. It’s amazing how everyone can be taking photos of the same thing but no two images end up looking alike.

When I first got into photography, I could get lost in the details of a flower for hours. I used to say that I took photos of flowers and mountains because they don’t move…whereas a person is a bit more of a moving target.

But over the past few years as my focus has changed to families, I’ve kind of forgotten about flowers and mountains. So it was nice to slow down a bit and get lost in the details again.