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I’m back in love with Instagram again after taking a little hiatus from it. Life gets busy, you know…

But I’ve been scrolling through my feed lately and am so inspired by all the amazing photographers out there! And by “photographers” I mean people, mainly moms. In my eyes, everyone is the expert at documenting their own lives.

It’s interesting, as I look back on my images over the last year or so they’re pretty much all shots of my daughter. Not so many pictures of pretty flowers or landscapes. I guess that makes sense cause the majority of my time is spent with her.

I’m curious to see if I move back in nature photography as my “little” grows up…or if my focus will shift again. For now I’m quite content to call myself a momtog or a clickin’ mom, following my muse that is living a childhood unplugged.

Here are some of my favs from August…


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