Calgary children photographers | Making memories

It’s the strangest thing, and it’s happened a couple times now.

I’ll be snapping away, trying to get a half decent shot of my child…man, those toddlers are quite the moving targets!  Anyway, I’ll be thinking to myself, “oh isn’t she cute, look at that smile.”

But it’s not until after the fact, when I upload my photos to my computer and take a good long look at them…that I see that “look.”

I guess this is what parents are talking about when they say I have a knack for capturing their child’s true personality.  It’s always come naturally, this ability to “see” without really trying to.

But it’s kind of cool when it happens with your own child.  Cause there’s a look in there that I don’t always see.  A personality that I haven’t even met yet.  And it keeps me going back for more.


Kate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in family, children and newborn photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.  Contact me to learn more about my style of  photography or to book your next session.

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