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I can honestly say that I didn’t even think of 6 month baby photos when our girl was that age. Actually, I probably took a picture of her with my phone and left it at that. If I could go back, I would have tried some simple shots at home.

Baby photos don’t have to be complicated and they don’t have to take much time. We all know that parents with babies don’t have any of that to spare! Quick and easy is where it’s at.

So what are some simple shots that I wish I could go back and take? I like to call them: The Sit, The Crawl, The Look and The Toy.

The Sit – the sitting stage is an important one to get. Why? Because once they’re on the move, they often don’t sit long enough for you to take a photo of them. That, or they just don’t want to be told what to do. So you’d better get it now while you can!


The Crawl – We wait so long for our baby to take that first forward move. And once they do, they often start moving so fast that we don’t even think to document it. Us parents are often more concerned about what our child is getting into and what we need to barricade around the house. Before long, they’re pulling themselves upright!


The Stare – it’s not natural for babies (or humans, for that matter) to smile 24-7. Some of my favourite images are of the staredown. I just love trying to imagine what they’re thinking of. And I think these types of shots show so much personality.


The Toy – Don’t forget to capture their prized posesssions. What is your baby’s favourite toy these days? Although it may seem common place now, they are eventually going to outgrow it and you’ll forget all about it…unless you capture it now.


I hope this has inspired you to get creative and try some things out at home with your 6 month old. And if it all seems too much…don’t hesitate to give me a call!

Confession. This cutie is actually 7 months (not 6) in these photos. But we all know that babies go through the stages at different times so the actual date that you take these shots doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that you capture some of these moments. In years to come, you will be grateful to have these stages captured forever.

Kate Daniel is a Calgary, Alberta based natural light, lifestyle photographer focusing on family, children and baby photos.

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