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I am a visual storyteller.

My hope, with photo sessions, is to document a piece of your family’s story. If only just a sliver…of this moment in time.

I don’t pretend to tell it all. I know that these images barely skim the surface of your family’s story.

The triumphs. The trials.

The joys. And sadness.

That only your family can truly know.

But what I do hope, is that my photos will tell a small piece of your journey. And I hope that, for years to come, they will bring you back to this one (perfect) moment in time.

To the beauty that is your family. Your heart. That you forever hold dear.

The rest of the story is best left told by you.

And so, please read on to hear more about the photos, in a mother’s words:

“To my family,

Oh how I love you. I’ve often looked at each one of you and wondered if it would be possible to freeze – just right now.

I’m getting older now – and realize that ALL the things I thought I’d never forget – I am forgetting.

And so my hope with these photos was that – for a moment in time – we could capture “now.”


(scroll down to read more of Lisa’s letter to her family)


My little Brodie – I wanted to capture your toothless grin and the way you light up a room with your giggle. I used to call you the “joy of my day” when you were a baby – and when I see your face in these photos I see that same sweet joy.

Koen – Since you got sick, it’s hard for me to look at photos of you – because I see the shell of a boy you once were. However, these days – like these photos have captured – I see more of you again. I see the sparkle in your eyes, and the joy in your face. I see the light in your demeanor and I breathe a sigh of relief and hope – that this disease will not steal all of you anymore.

McKinley – you are turning into a beautiful young woman right before my eyes. Your sweet spirit is now transforming into an elegant young woman. I wanted to capture your smile that dances across your face, and those beautiful eyes that are so full of wisdom, warmth and strength. I see the struggle you face every day with your disease and behind the “posed” pictures were the “true” photos of how life is like for you. The shots of being carried up the stairs and the long walk on photo day did just that. “Perfect” in front of many lenses, but behind the scenes your body fails you. And yet, I have seen such growth in you as you have learned to accept life with a chronic disease, while at the same time you fight fiercely to still do the things you love to do…


Marty – the years and difficult journeys through various diseases and life threatening episodes show on our time-worn faces and yet the love we have for each other has never faded. I love that the camera has captured the strength that we have found in each other and the way we complete the other person.

You are my rock. And my everything.

We’ve lost so much, and yet we have so much. I love you.

Even beyond my last breath. I will always love you.


So – my sweet family – this is the heart behind some of the things that I’d hoped to capture. And Kate did indeed capture on that day.

They are not just photos.

They are my heart.” – Lisa


If you would like a piece of your family’s story told through my lens, I’d love to hear from you. 

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