Personal branding session at Avenida Food Hall

Have you checked out the Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market yet? It’s such a funky little spot, so I was pumped that Emma was game to do her Personal Branding session there. Here’s what Emma has to say:

“I have always had a desire to write and a drive to explore the role of nutrition in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

This year, I decided to (finally) combine these two passions and launch a website devoted to helping others adopt healthy lifestyles. It’s called Olive ‘n’ Well (a play on Alive and Well with a personal touch: my middle name is Olive), and I am anticipating a launch within the next few months.

I was so happy to find Kate, who completely understood my vision and was a great sport about making sure I got a combination of professional headshots and photos of produce at our shoot.” – Emma


Meet Kate:

Wanna know a secret? I never set out to be an entrepreneur.


In fact, I didn't even consider that, one day, I would run my own business. I just knew that I had a gift and wanted to use it to help others.


Who knew that I'd actually end up helping other like-minded creative women with their business and branding photos?!


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