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Personal branding photos topped my list in 2019. These type of photos are so fun!

What worked in 2019

Like many people at this time of the year, I’ve been doing a bit of a yearly review…sorting through what worked in my life & business in 2019 & what didn’t.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do differently for 2020 and dreaming about what I want to do more of.

What topped my photo session list for 2019, you ask? What do I want to do more of in 2020? Personal branding sessions! They are so fun!

I mean, what’s not to love about 3-4 wardrobe changes (this woman has style!) – especially when they are done in the woods, lol! (Certainly it gave a couple random bikers/hikers a smile!)

Personal Branding Photos – Showcasing the real you

Quite honestly, creating images that are a true reflection of someone’s brand can be a bit intimidating. I want to be sure that the photos are not only solid images, but that they represent both the individual and their brand/business in a meaningful way.

True, I’ve always had a knack for capturing images that show a person’s true personality. But with personal branding photos, I like to take things one step further.

I really try understand what lights a person up, what makes them tick, what inspires them…and what their “why” is. I like to not only know what they do, but why they do what they do.

The person behind the image – You’re so inspiring!

When I think about it, I realize that Personal Branding Photo Sessions are such a perfect combination of so many of my  loves.

I love watching people who are good at what they do. I love seeing people follow their passion.

I love being a witness to those who live inspired lives; those who recognize their gifts and share them so freely with the world.

And, of course, I love photography. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, that these type of photo sessions would appeal to me.

Enough about me! Let’s meet the stunning, Lorelei!

Personal branding photo sessions include a pre-consultation so that I can learn as much as possible about each individual before I capture the images.

After sessions, I always ask people if they would like to say a few words; I find it so rewarding when clients reflect on their own experience of the process.

Lorelei was so gracious in providing such thoughtful answers. Thank you Lorelei!

Have a look at her personal branding photos, then be sure to read her photo session reflections below…showcasing her beauty, inside and out.


Photo Session Reflections

Why did you want to have photos done?

I wanted to capture who I am today, which is a beautifully messy mosaic of the experiences, people and places that have impacted me at the soul level. They all live within me, animating who I am.

What do you want to remember about this phase of your life?

So many seeds are blossoming right now! The connections between the people and work that was early on in my life are showing up in a big way in this part of my life. As I weave through this intricate web of connectedness, I am filled with awe and gratitude of the abundance life has to offer.

What did you like about your photo session?

Kate encouraged me to be me! She went with all the crazy notions that came to mind and we just played! Not only did Kate help with all of the crazy wardrobe changes I wanted to do en route to the different photo locations, she made me laugh a lot and even had me skipping through the woods. It was such luck when we got stopped at some train tracks for a very long time. You can imagine the photo fun we had while the train chugged on by!

Did you have any hesitations beforehand?

Showing up fully as who I am is always one of those raw moments where a big breath is required. After a moment of stomach-turning panic, I then I just let myself jump into the photoshoot – skydiving into ME and who I am.

Dreams & Aspirations – Who am I, What I Do and What Ignites Me?

I am a Métis, Canadian woman dedicated to cultivating pathways to international understanding and peace through peacebuilding. I like to work locally, globally, across cultures, within cultures, among big groups, small groups and individually. What is peacebuilding? Irene Santiago, an inspirational peacebuilding leader, says in its most simple terms, peacebuilding is about increasing connectors and decreasing dividers. That is what I focus on in my work.

I have worked on community-based peace and conflict resolution projects locally and internationally with both the federal government and the non-profit sector in South America, Asia, Europe and North America. These projects have been focused on increasing peace building within the local context, with a focus on advancing Indigenous human rights and leadership development.

I also facilitate community development sessions, locally and internationally, utilizing an Indigenous appreciative inquiry lens and strength-based analyses. These types of sessions focus intentionally on what a community has, not on what is lacking, and on what a community values so that increased conflict resolution and greater peace can be built. I work with a wide cross sector of organizations and with all sizes of groups.

In my current role as an Indigenous Relations Strategist, I work with local government to implement the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada Calls to Action.

What matters most?

Collaboration! The majority of my life has been focused on collaborative social change as I work across cultures, classes, borders and sectors to seek the common ground that unites human beings. Whether I am working remotely in a field location or within government offices, I try to never lose sight of the importance of collaboration in creating lasting social change.

Have there been pivotal experiences in your career that have led you to where you are today?

Being a part of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference (GGCLC) network and the development of Canada’s leadership for collaborative social change efforts has been a tremendous experience. I have grown so much and have been exposed to such a diversity of thinking. I have also been able to better define what it is I want to spend my time on. When I first met the Right Honourable David Johnston, he asked me what I was doing to contribute to truth and reconciliation efforts. This question spurred me to think about the social change I wanted to bring about in terms of peacebuilding locally and made me put more intention around the work I do today. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to work locally to implement the Truth and Reconciliation of Canada Calls to Action when the opportunity arose thanks to this thought-provoking and action-inspiring question.


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