March Finding Lifestyle Blog Circle | Things to Remember

I’m in love with lifestyle photography these days.  I suppose I always have been…I just didn’t know that’s what it was called.  A couple weeks ago I participated in a lifestyle breakout session/e-course with Brit Chandler from Clickin’ Moms.  She does amazing work.

We all know how hard it is to stay inspired and committed to learning after courses are over.  But this one feels different.  Some of us in the class thought it would be fun to do a blog circle so that we could continue to hone our skills & support one another on our photographic journeys.   Each month we will focus on a different topic & display our interpretation using lifestyle photos.  March is “Things to Remember.”

“Things to Remember” is an easy one for me.  Lately, I’ve been overcome with this idea as I watch my 14 month old grow…who somehow is not a baby anymore but is officially a toddler.  I know that one day soon we will be calling her a girl.  And I want to remember these days.

Our little drummer girl…creating a beat on the bottom of a waste paper bin.

Our little adventurer…who’s hands have just figured out how to open doors.  And yes, that’s drool falling from her lips as she cuts in her bottom molars.  And those bangs…keep growing & getting in her eyes.  Although I’m pretty impressed with the straight lines of my cuts so far!

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