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So you want to know what’s more challenging than shooting midday in the glaring sun?  Taking pictures of toddlers in the glaring, midday sun.  Boy those kids are quick!  But that’s ok…I’m always up for a challenge.  And really, there’s nothing better than watching kids do what they do best.

Kate Daniel Photography Calgary Alberta kids at the park_0001Kate Daniel Photography Calgary Alberta kids at the park_0003Kate Daniel Photography Calgary Alberta kids at the park_0002

By the way, all of these clothes just so happen to be designed by my very talented friend and owner of Joined at the Hip.  It may look like they’re wearing separate pieces of clothing but they are actually all one piece, from the head to the feet!  If you’d like to learn more about Joined At The Hip or take a peak as some of the other outfits then head to her website.

Kate Daniel is a natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle, family and children photography in the Calgary, Alberta area.

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