Family Photographers Calgary | Get in the shot, Mom!

“Seriously! Stop eating the flour!” I think that’s what I was saying, anyway.

But I could have just as easily been saying, “You better appreciate these photos one day!”

Let me just say that setting up a tripod, testing the light, and laying out cookie ingredients (without toddler hands getting into them all) is not the easiest of feats.

And if my self-critical photographer voice is speaking then I would be first to point out how grainy the images ended up being.  And the cookies…well, we might have missed an ingredient or two… But that didn’t stop us from eating them.

But this was one of those times that I just had to toss perfection out the window.  There’s always going to be another time to redo the recipe.  And there’s always going to be another moment when I feel a little prettier.

But there’s never going to be another today.  And today we made chocolate chip cookies.  Together.




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