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I just love Day In The Life sessions, especially when they are done in the home.

Daily activities like cooking, playing and just “being” together as a family are the moments that make up your life.

Having the ability to freeze a few of those moments for your family is an honour.

If you’re worried that a Day In The Life session is gonna last the whole day, you can rest easy. I don’t actually stay for the whole day. An hour is a good chunk of time to capture bits and pieces of the things you do each day.

I had so much fun documenting a few of this family’s daily rituals in a short amount of time. And I’m pretty sure they had a whirlwind of fun too! Here’s what this mom had to say about these special people that make up her busy day:

To my most amazing family,

I see you every day. I have the privilege of seeing you grow up in a way that feels like I want to constantly hold onto the arms of time and weight them down, so that I can take it all in.

Seeing the photographs that Kate recently took of our family allowed me to do just that – freeze time and take it all in. Having a professional capture this time in our life is everything I had hoped it would be and then some.

To my gorgeous tween, your spirit, your generosity and your ability to laugh has me in stitches. Your grown up way is peeking through your wildness and I never want that to change. In life, there can be so many challenges and through your eyes I know that you will take it all in stride, with an effortless ability to carry those around you. You are, without a doubt, the one who reminds me that life is amazing and I can see it in every image.

My little one, you amaze me with your tenacious ability to get things done…your way. You have a steadfastness about you that transcends what patience truly means. You have vision and determination like no other and I learn from you that slowing down is paramount to a great outcome. You hug, love and leap with abandon and have a well of affection that makes love grow all around you. Your photographs show me this in spades.

To my partner in life, this is so much more than I ever expected it would be. Seeing you and me together – having a moment, despite all the chaos, is exactly what I hoped it would be.

To Kate – I am forever grateful for the time you took to be with our family, getting to know us all, understanding what we were hoping to capture during this time, and then putting it together into a project. It allows us to remember what life was like…and is…right now…

Photographs are so much more than a printed image on paper – and in this day and age – so much more than a digital file. It is a story of a family, together and connected. I thank you.


Kate Daniel is a Calgary, Alberta based natural light, lifestyle photographer focusing on family, children and baby photos.

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