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I finally caved and bought a Get to Work Book. I’m so excited! It took a while for it to travel from San Diego to Calgary, but it sure felt like Christmas morning when the mailed finally arrived! What can I say? I get giddy over paper products.

I’ve been wanting one of these powerhouse agenda’s since they came out about a year ago but I figured I didn’t need to buy “just one more thing” that would be the solution to my creative dreams/goals becoming reality… I just needed to “do the work.” But I finally decided to bite the bullet cause it just made sense.

I love the fact that the GTWB was designed by a creative, for creatives.  It’s a daily planner and goal setting workbook in one, “designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time.” For what seems like years, I’ve been stock piling dreams and “to do” lists on post-it notes and scribblers all over the place. So it will be nice to finally put it all together in one, intentional place.

I also like what GTWB stands for. To me, it’s about supporting makers, dreamers and goal setters. How the Get to Work Book came to be is a pretty cool story.

Elise Blaha Cripe has been making stuff forever. I’ve followed her podcast, which is all about creative small business, for quite a while now. Over the years she’s  made and sold all different sorts of creative projects. But her true passion is in “helping people set and work towards their goals.”  So buying this is like supporting a piece of that story. And that just feels good.

So we’ll see what the future holds with this trusty little book by my side. I’ve got a few dreams and goals up my sleeve that I’m ready to get to work on…stay tuned.


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