Asha – Newborn Photo Shoot

I’m on maternity leave until next January – it’s still hard to believe that I’m a mom! While I hope to get my photography business off the ground this year, I hadn’t really intended on doing any photo shoots until the spring and summer when our little one was a little older and easier to manage with her feeding schedule! But a lot of my friends are having babies these days so it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to take pics of these precious early days.

Asha is the third girl in her family, born to friends of ours. This lucky little one has two big sisters and a closet full of princess dresses and dress up goodies waiting for her. So her mom didn’t have any difficulties finding a little crown for her to pose with.

I’m really pleased with how these pics turned out, and I’m super excited about this new presentation tool that I’m trying out. It let’s you use your pics and paste them into mock rooms…so that you can show your clients what the image might look like in their home. Here’s one that I tested out in a nursery – cool hey?!