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Women entrepreneur photo sessions are so much fun! I love it when I get to learn about other women and their businesses, and create some fresh headshots for them.

There are a lot of people doing amazing work out there!

Like Jean, who runs Waldorf-Inspired Learning:

Hi, I’m Jean, and my mission is to empower and inspire you to create your very own Waldorf homeschooling plan, while weaving in the lively arts. A plan that’s both doable and sustainable.

Bringing you courage, focus, and confidence.

I help Moms like you to succeed at Waldorf homeschooling by making it practical, doable, and sustainable. I teach you how to find the best resources for main lesson blocks, and how to use whatever curriculum materials you choose to make a doable plan.

You’ve got it in you!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jean at a B-School event organized by Amy Porterfield (with special guest Marie Forleo, of course). It was a weekend filled with inspiration and great conversation with like-minded women entrepreneur, mixed with some business and brand photos, too!

Jean and I zipped out to capture some images of her that she could use for her website and social media.

The weather was perfect and we found this nice little natural setting just a hop and a skip from the hotel that we were staying at. I suppose the weather is always gorgeous in California, though, right?!

To learn more about Jean and Waldorf-Inspired Learning visit her website here.

Here’s to all the women doing amazing work in the world!


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