Twin boys and baby sister | Calgary family photographers

One of my favourite things about being a family photographer is watching the kids grow over the years. I met these twin boys when they were just days old. Now they are busy three year olds and have a baby sister in tow!

I’ve only got one little girl, myself. The days are so busy…they seem to slip away so fast. So I can only imagine what it would be like to have twins AND a baby girl. It must make life that much busier and fly even faster…which is why I think photography is so important. And this mom agrees:

“I feel like the months and years are slipping through my fingers and photos give me something to hold on to. Almost like as long as I have the photos this time in our lives is never really over.”


twin-boys-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photography_0002funny-twin-boys-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photographyfamily-with-twin-boys-and-baby-sister-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photographybaby-sister-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photographybaby-girl-toes-sister-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photographybatman-toddler-boy-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-Photographybatman-superman-toddler-boys-Calgary-family-photographers-Kate-Daniel-PhotographyKate Daniel is a natural light, lifestyle photographer based in Calgary, Alberta.

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