I guess I just like taking pictures

I have to admit, it’s rare that I take pictures of flowers these days.  Unless, of course, I’m Instgramming them with my iPhone – nice and quick!

With a newborn in the house, I just haven’t had a lot of extra time to play around.  Finding time to stop and smell the flowers is hard enough.  I’ve been sticking to the people pictures…and obsessing over my daughter’s cuteness, of course.

So, naturally, when I visited Butchart Gardens with my stepmom the other week I told her that I wouldn’t be taking many pictures.  I’m over the flower thing…or so I thought.  But who can pass up this beauty?






Actually, the tough part about Buchart is trying to decide what NOT to take a picture of…beauty is all around!

So I guess I just like taking pictures, flowers or not.