I don’t shoot people

I don’t shoot people because they move.  This was the honest truth.  Mountains and flowers (for the most part) don’t move.  They just sit there and look pretty while you muddle about your camera settings.  They’re patient, forgiving, and I don’t usually get embarrassed in front of them.

This was how I operated behind the lens until a friend pushed me out of my comfort zone.  She asked if I might want to practice on her family one day.  I was hesitant, but agreed.

“Ok, but no guarantees!”

That was about a year and a half ago.  I’ve “practiced” quite a bit since then – with real live moving people – and I’m proud to say I’ve been loving it!  Thanks Jen! 🙂

I thought it was time to finally post some of my images.  And now… presenting… (insert drum roll)…my very first photo shoot!

Jose-&-Jen-storyboard-2-blogJose-&-Jen-storyboard-blogTo see more photos from this session head on over to my Facebook Page.