Brand Storytelling photos for ambitious Creatives

Capturing the visual story of your heart-centred business.

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As creative souls, we know that photos are at the heart of our online presence.


Strong images make an impact. And that's what we're here to do.


You're a dreamer...a doer...and a high-achieving entrepreneur.


You've spent years creating value for your people and now it's time to expand your reach.


Book a Brand Storytelling Photo Session and take your business to new levels.


We'll work together to create authentic brand photos that tell the stories of you & your business life. Stand out from the competition and grow your business with ease.

Catered to all creative entrepreneurs - personal brands, product and/or service-based

Choose from 3 different session options

High-Resolution digital files for online use & print

Brand Storytelling photos are perfect for you if...


  • You're a creative go-getter who's tired of spending precious time & energy creating your own visual content (done with selfies and stock images?).
  • You're not the biggest fan of having your photo taken BUT you want professional, authentic photos that are a true reflection of you/your biz.
  • You're ready to take your online presence to the next level so that you attract more of your ideal clients and make a bigger impact on their lives.
  • You want a simple and easy photo process so that you can focus on growing your influence and getting back to life that you love.

Wanna know a secret? I never set out to be an entrepreneur.


In fact, I didn't even consider that, one day, I would run my own business. I just knew that I had a gift and wanted to use it to help others.


Who knew that taking pictures wasn't just about taking pictures? There are so many pieces to this business - planning, shooting, editing, marketing, product development & fulfillment, name a few!


So I get it - when you're running your own show the hustle is real! But you don't have to do it alone.


Business and brand photos might seem like a luxury; a self-indulgent expense. In fact, it couldn't be further from the truth.


With my planning and guidance, you'll actually end up saving time, energy and money so you can get back to doing what you do best: Sharing your gifts with the world.

Yes, I want brand (storytelling) photos!

All brand Storytelling Sessions include...

A personalized photo shoot PLAN, a coordinated (& fun!) SESSION, and gorgeous PHOTOS.


Pre-session Planning

I get straight to work, learning all about you & your creative pursuits. I take the time to learn about your Why & your Vision, to ensure that the final photos truly meet your needs. This can be done in whatever format works best for you: in person, over Zoom/phone, or via online questionnaire.


Personalized Photo Session

After I've done my research and consulted with you, I'll develop a plan of attack for the photo session. I help create a shot list, give you tips on what to wear and instructions for how to best to prepare for your session. All you need to do is show up and be ready to create some magic together!


Professional Photos

Brand Storytelling Sessions result in gorgeous images that are a true reflection of you/your creative business. Digital files are full resolution, come in both colour and black & white, and can be downloaded in print and web-sized files. Drumroll - a Commercial License is included so you can adapt the photos for your online needs.

"I'm loving the business branding photos! Kate's made it so easy to keep my portfolio of photos fresh and up-to-date so I always have what I need to grow my business."


- Nicole Oakes Health Coaching

3 brand Storytelling session options









Wondering which session is right for you?

Let's chat over Zoom!




ESSENTIALS Brand Storytelling Session

Think of this like a Mini Session. You may be an experienced business owner, but perhaps you've never experienced brand photos before. If your past shoots were simply headshots, this is a great way to dip your toe into the world or brand photos with a minimal time commitment. You'll walk away with updated headshots and a few lifestyle brand photos (highlighting 1 storyline or central theme)...and you'll probably be hooked and ready for more!

Perfect if you want to see what brand photo sessions are all about

Update your a little more!

1 month of visual content for your social media channels

Great if you're short on time or can't commit to a Standard session just yet



STANDARD Brand Storytelling Session

If you've been active on the social media scene for a while, you'll know that a few photos (in the same shirt) just doesn't cut it. A 2 hour session - which can even be 1 hr on one day & 1 hr on another day - allows us the time for wardrobe & location changes, resulting in a variety of images. Perhaps you want family photos AND photos of you doing your craft - painting, cooking, web developing, etc. We really get a chance to dive into the stories (2-3 storylines/themes) that make up your biz life, so your audience gets to know, like and trust you.

Great if you're redoing or launching a website

A variety of images (wardrobe & location changes) in a short amount of time

6 months of social media content so followers can really know, like & trust you

A great option when you want seasonal content (keeps images fresh & current)



ULTIMATE Brand Storytelling Session

For those that want to get it all done in a day. This is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and business owners that have a firm grasp on the impact they're making in the world and who their ideal client is. We'll dive deep into the stories behind your brand. Pre-session planning & consultation ensure that we have planned out the various outfit and location changes ahead of time, so that we can have a fun-filled photo experience (plus a little pampering)! Hair & makeup resources available.


For the busy entrepreneur looking to maximize their impact as efficiently as possible

The "one and done" approach. 1 day of brand photo fun resulting in 1 year of content.

Plenty of time for wardrobe & location changes (photo variety)

Many storylines or session themes captured (behind-the scenes, lifestyle photos, etc.)

Price list

3 Session Options


All Brand Storytelling Sessions include a personalized photo shoot PLAN, a coordinated (& fun!) SESSION, and gorgeous PHOTOS.


Not sure which session type is right for you? Let's chat over Zoom!


Book a FREE 15 minute Clarity Call and we'll talk about your photo ideas.

Brand Storytelling Photo Sessions

ESSENTIALS Brand Storytelling Session

  • 1 hour photo session
  • 1 location
  • Includes headshots
  • Plus lifestyle images (AKA action shots) of 1 storyline (or photo shoot theme)
  • High-res digital files in colour and black & white
  • Plenty of images to create your social media content for 1 month or refresh a few photos on your website
  • BONUS mobile app (AKA virtual photo album) for your phone/tablet

STANDARD Brand Storytelling Session

  • Up to 2 hour photo session (time for wardrobe changes)
  • Up to 2 locations of your choice (photo variety)
  • Includes headshots
  • Plus lifestyle images (AKA action shots) of 2-3 storylines (or photo shoot themes)
  • High-res digital files in colour and black & white
  • Lots of variety in images so that you can create your social media content for 6 months or completely overhaul/develop your website
  • BONUS mobile app (AKA virtual photo album) for your phone/tablet

ULTIMATE Brand Storytelling Session

  • A full day (roughly 6 hours) brand photo experience designed just for you
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes (plus What to Wear consultation)
  • Up to 3 different shooting locations (plus consultation on selecting locations)
  • Includes headshots Plus lifestyle images (AKA action shots) of 4-5 storylines (or photo shoot themes)
  • Priority editing (2 week turnaround vs. 3)
  • Enough photos to create your social media content & set up your business for the year!
  • BONUS mobile app (AKA virtual photo album) for your phone/tablet

Just need a few HEADSHOTS?

  • 30 minute photo session (quick & easy)
  • Choose your location; outdoor (typically May - Oct) or indoor (may require a studio booking fee)
  • High-res digital files in colour and black & white
  • For candid/lifestyle pics (or more than a few headshots) try a Brand Storytelling Session!
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